Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Know what's awesome?

Having Star Trek on my iPod.

Spelling Star Trek right the first time. (I totally spelled it START trek, and then fixed it, because my brain really wants me to press start on my iPod and watch Star Trek)

Renting, watching and laughing hysterically at Paranormal Activity, only to be too fucking creeped out by it later to sleep heavy anymore. This is awesome because now I don't snore. Thank you, shitty rip off of another shitty movie, Blair Witch Project.

The Beastie Boys. (I may have pushed play after all)

The Oatmeal.

Having to move an entire office because the building it's in is closing as soon as the next few weeks. This is awesome because I'll just forget to eat and shave off a pound or 15 moving other people's shit for days. You're Welcome *AND* Thank You.

Telling your Christan daycare that you've moved you, and your three kids, into your boyfriend's house with his two children and seeing them practically shit themselves before your eyes.


Friends with Macy's Credit Cards that can get me an extra 20% off a dress that's already 40% off because I'm poor AND have nothing to wear to the single most hated day so far this year, the 16th, for more reasons than I should ever have to list but it all ends with a party and a dress and a Patrick so I'm still happy. Maybe.

Alarm clocks not going off and waking up 45 minutes late.

Having a boyfriend that not only brought me coffee and the offering of help after the above mentioned incident this morning, but did it without judgement when I looked ultra stabby and wasn't making coherent sentences.

Capt'n Awesome, that's what.

Taking 3 days to post a blog. That too.